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Intraday Strategies: 1

Execute your long trade in nifty when 5-min moving average cross above 10-min moving average and %K (blue line) of slow stochastic is also crossing above %D (green line). For short sell trade keep eye on 10-min moving average if this crossing above 5-min moving average and %D green line is crossing above %K blue line then you can go for short.

For safe trade it is recommended to go for long trade when stochastic is below 20 point area and crossing that zone to upper side, and go for short trade around 80 point of stochastic and crossing towards below side.

Intraday Strategies: 2

Trade with SAR level for this buy nifty when the green line starts and exit in to the trade when green line ends . For finding sell opportunity sell nifty when the red dotted line start and exit with the end. You can also use SAR level as stop loss with strategies-1 for this green dotted line is your buying stop loss while red is short sell stop loss.

Nifty Live Intra Day Chart

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