Fibonacci retracement levels are a powerful tool of a technical analysis in financial markets. The main idea behind these levels is finding the support and resistance levels within the market. This levels are calculated by analyzing the retracement levels between two swing points.

Well, we know that a fibonacci retracement is a move in a stock that "retraces" a portion of the previous swing from high to low or low to high. Usually a stock will retrace at some common Fibonacci levels - 23.8%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% and 100%.

Most traders know what Fibonacci retracements are but you don't hear very many of them talking about Fibonacci extensions.
when a stock retraces more than 100% of the prior move, In that case you can calculate a Fibonacci extension.

To save your time and without the hassle of charting software kindly see the important fibonacci retracement, extensions and pivot levels for intraday and positional trading for your favorable stock .

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