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Some interest rate sensitive stocks option open interest position as on week ended 5 jan 13 before the RBI's monetary policy in the month of Jan'13.

ICICI BANK (1182.4)
  • Highest Open Interest 536000 On 1200 Strike Call
  • Highest Open Interest 587750 On 1150 Strike Put
  • Total Traded Puts Volume 1405000
  • Total Traded Calls Volume 1148000
  • Put Call Ratio Placed at 1.224

  • Highest Open Interest 406125 On 2400 Strike Call
  • Highest Open Interest 411625 On 2400 Strike Put
  • Total Traded Puts Volume 1922625
  • Total Traded Calls Volume 1886250
  • Put Call Ratio Placed at 1.019

DLF ( 237.75 )
  • Highest Open Interest 2364000 On 250 Strike Call
  • Highest Open Interest 1166000 On 230 Strike Put
  • Total Traded Puts Volume 3097000
  • Total Traded Calls Volume 6502000
  • Put Call Ratio Placed at 0.476

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