Option open interest chain statistics tracking tools for the month of Feb'13 made in simple interactive excel application sheet for those who like to trade in Nifty and Stock option segment and also to finding the proper stock trend for the underlying stock or stock with option data.

Nifty / bank nifty PCR and option update for week ended 8-Feb-2013 :

Nifty 5903.5 (spot)

  • Nifty option highest OI 7802700 build up on 6100 strike call 
  • On the put side highest OI 7138900 seen at 5900 put strike
  • 362250 shares Open interest change on 6100 strike call
  • Open interest of 1059400 shares change on 5900 put strike that show 5900 can be a temporarily support in short term period.
  • Put call ratio 1.050

Bank-Nifty 12280.15 (spot)

  • Highest open interest 334350 build up on 13000 strike call option
  • While on the put option 185800 shares OI seen in bank nifty.
  • -2325 shares open interest change on 13000 call strike.
  • 2575 shares OI change on 12500 put strike price.
  • Current put-call placed at 0.796 for bank-nifty.